A smart bike light that makes your ride safe and efficient

how it works

Adaptive Power Saving

  • LUXI analyzes the brightness of the road ahead and adjust itself to the optimal light intensity accordingly for maximum battery efficiency
  • It automatically compensates for lighting deficiencies, so you can enjoy riding in comfort and safety as the brightness ahead remains constant from your point of view

Runtime Settings

  • LUXI allows you to set your expected riding time using the Time Selector or Maps function on the mobile app
  • It automatically adjusts its average brightness according to the set time, so you can enjoy riding without worrying about running out of battery power

Other Efficiency Features

  • Auto On/Off : Autodetects changes in ambient light intensity and your bike’s movement with illuminance and acceleration sensors to turn/off or blink accordingly
  • Economy Mode : Lowers its brightness and turn off the display bar, Bluetooth connection, etc. when its battery reaches a certain level (customizable) for further battery power saving


  • High Max Brightness : Outputs a maximum of 1300 lumens
  • High/Low Beam : Manually switchable (StVZO satisfied)
  • Light Bell : Flashes a light signal
  • Day Flash : Emits patterns that are visible in bright environments
  • Safety Blink : Makes you visible even when the brightness level stays low
  • Safety Pattern : Reacts various road conditions and types

More Features

  • Navigation : Smart navigation using Maps with LED turn indicator
  • Welcome Light : Detects and welcomes you approaching
  • Anti-Theft Alert : Notifies and signals to prevent theft
  • LED Display Bar : Indicates conditions
  • High Battery Capacity : 4800 mAh
  • Water-Resistant : Safe in the rain
  • Easy & Fast Recharge : Rechargeable via the Micro USB port


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